Chew's Minecraft Tools

Welcome to my page for my Minecraft tools. I also use some external tools that I will list below as well.

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My Tools

Below are tools I've made. They are described below. You can access them by clicking the header or using the navbar.

Enchantment Translator

This is a tool I wrote up when I got confused trying to translate between Vanilla enchantment names and the Bukkit API's naming for them. Some are quite annoying and hard to figure out, so hence its existence. It's a bit outdated I believe, but there are plans to update it and maybe add other implementations versions if they are confusing.

Log Analyzer

My attempt at a log analyzer. It's quite basic, but useful for simple error checking if your startup log is gigantic.

JAR Downloader

Arguably my most useful page. This page is for downloading common JARs for your favorite server types. Included are Paper, proxies, as well as Geyser and Floodgate. No JARs are hosted here, it is simply a way to link to common JARs people frequently need.
This has been featured on Me4502 (author of WorldEdit, WorldGuard, and CraftBook)'s "The Ultimate Guide to Running a Minecraft Server". If you're needing JARs for the first time, you may want to check out the guide as well!

Favicon Resizer

A quick and easy way to turn any image into a server-compatible favicon!

External Tools

These are tools I use frequently. Definitely check them out if they look useful to you!

This site is a dead-simple way to ping and query servers that respond to them. I use it all the time to check IPs, and it is compatible with Geyser!