Chewbotcca Discord Bot

Chewbotcca for Discord is back and better than ever! It is completely re-written in Java using the JDA Discord API library.

It aims to be exactly what the Legacy Discord bot was, and hopefully even better!

I hope you enjoy the bot and want to improve it :)

What is it?

Chewbotcca is my multi-purpose bot for Discord, mostly with commands that I would like to use.

The goal of Chewbotcca isn't really to be the "best", its goal is to have features that I personally want in a Discord bot, and if you agree, you're free to add the bot yourself.

What can it do?

It's mostly fun commands like %^rolling some dice, getting cats with %^cat, and more.

However, it can also be used to find information like getting RubyGem information with %^rubygem, ironic considering this is a Java bot now.

It also has powerful server info commands, for example, you can run %^sinfo bot to find all bots on the server and when they got added, being able to find role and member counts (%^sinfo roles), finding a member by join position (%^sinfo member [position]), finding boosters and boost time (%^sinfo boost), and more!

There's also commands such as %^youtube to find YouTube videos, and %^ghuser to detail your favorite developers on GitHub.

I'm always open to suggestions on what to add, please let me know what you would like to see!


You can view commands here.

You can add the bot with this link

You can join the Discord server with this link.

You can view the GitHub repository @ Chewbotcca/Discord


This project is licensed under GPL-3.0. As a result, any modifications must use the same license and any changes you make to this project must be disclosed. Read more here.