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Privacy Policy

Last Modified: August 24th, 2021.

This page is a general rundown of privacy policies. It does not apply to the following:

I don't intend to make this very confusing. The purpose of this is a basic information page breaking down everything.

Information Collection and Use

Information provided to this website, whether it be inputs such as login credentials or images, is never stored permanently.

In the case of every form, all data provided is passed into the respective controller, parsed, and destroyed.

If data ever needs to be retained, it is stored as a secure cookie and only accessed when required.

You can learn more about how Rails (what this site runs) handles sessions on its security guide

Use of Data

All data is used solely for its intended, marked purpose. No data is collected permanently.

Retention of Data

All data is destroyed after each page. Cookies are stored in your browser for up to a year and can be cleared by you at any time.

Transfer of Data

Data inputted into the website is transferred to the site, then destroyed. No data is ever sent outside of the site.

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Privacy Policy