Wordle Solver

Stuck on a tough wordle? Use this nifty tool to get the right answers!

Note that this site is based on the NY Times Wordle word list. Learn More

Enter Green Letters

Letters here are green, and are confirmed to be in this spot. If you don't have any, leave this blank.

Enter Yellow Letters

Yellow letters are confirmed, and they must appear in the word, but in a different spot.

Put the letters in the box for the column they appear in. E.g., "A" in the first column, put it in the first box.

Enter potential letters

Letters here are unused, and not ruled out. The word can contain these letters. Invert?

Enter Grey Letters

Letters here have been ruled out. The word cannot contain these letters. Invert?

What is Wordle?

Wordle is a brand new game taking the internet by storm. If you've ever played Hit and Blow and love word puzzles, you'll catch on very easily!
You must guess the word in as few guesses as possible, but only up to 6 tries. If you guess the word, you win!
Every word you try, you are given 3 colors. A green means the letter is in the word, and it's the right spot! If this happens, you can enter it in the right spot above.
If you get a yellow letter, this means the letter is in the word, but it may be there more than once. You can enter these letters in the "confirmed/required" box above.
Any other letter, dark grey, means the letter is not in the word.
Enter any letters you can play into the "possible letters" box above. This means any letter that you haven't tried yet.

What words are used?

The word list is taken from the Wordle source code, meaning it is the same as the original game. Every possible word is included, and the words are in alphabetical order, but they're not necessarily possible answers.

Compatibility with Dordle and Quordle and other derivatives?

While this site doesn't pull words from any other game's dataset, I have been able to play them with success. You can simply use the same rules as Wordle, and the possible words all seem possible.

I found an issue! How can I report it?

I prefer all bugs and requests flow through GitHub to help me track and solve issues.