Cookie Cravers

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Rank: #844
Online: 0 / 1
Total Season: 0
Total Lifetime: 0
Total Showcase: 63 / 160
Total Cookie Power: 92,332

Disclaimers: Users named A teammate do not have a bakery name set!
Collectors who have 0 lifetime cookies on the leaderboard but a lot in chat are cheaters and should be kicked immediately!!
Ranks here may not match in-game rank! They are sorted by Current Season Cookies then Lifetime Cookies (e.g. 0 current 5 lifetime is ranked higher than 0 current 2 lifetime).

Rank Bakery Name Bakery Created Public ID Current Season Cookies Lifetime Cookies Showcase Items Cookie Power Current Season Cookies Raw Current Season Cookies Raw Cookie Power Raw Creation Time int
1 The Cookie Master December 02, 2023 55baf93d-b005-48f4-90b9-db40c2d15fb5 0 0.00 63 92,332 0 0 92332 1701475200